Hi, my name is Tamara (haha I wish), I'm from Czech Republic (-__-), I love boys, I love girls, bisexuals just exist, get over it.
I'm vegan obsessed with lots of things therefore this tumblr is just a mess.




Chameleon hatching


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Jan 26th, 2014
Jul 28th, 2013
May 26th, 2013




Owning a Raven is a lot of work, in America African Ravens & crows are legal to own. I’ve interacted with companion ravens before and they are fantastic. Seeing this incredible bird free flying and playing in the air while knowing he is keeping his eye on us and will come back.


I know why I want raven tattooed on my back.

Apr 4th, 2013
Nov 29th, 2012
Nov 13th, 2012
Jun 30th, 2012
Apr 23rd, 2012
Apr 10th, 2012
Another jellyfish gif ♥

Another jellyfish gif ♥

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Jan 23rd, 2012